General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data protection policy – Elmas d.o.o. Data Protection Policy
Elmas d.o.o. will protect your personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Elmas d.o.o. recognizes the importance of privacy protection and safety and data protection for the users of our services and all persons who contact us. We therefore intend to offer protection for all our operations and to implement consistent regulations and procedures.
This Privacy Statement informs you about our protection practices and the options of choosing the method of collection and use of your data, including data collected from your internet activities for employment purposes. This Privacy Statement applies to all Elmas d.o.o. webpages, domains, services, applications and products, as well as to all our employees.

Please check the Privacy Policy – Data Protection Policy (hereinafter Privacy Policy) from time to time with respect to potential changes to the webpages.

The purpose of collecting personal data
We primarily collect personal data in order to ensure the provision of requested services and the most efficient response to your queries.

Data covered by the Privacy Policy:
First name and surname, date of birth, postal address, e-mail address, phone and/or fax number, tax number, other information you give us and you want to keep it confidential.

Privacy Policy duration
You agree to contact us at the time of providing your personal data, by implication giving us the right to process your personal data in accordance with the stated purpose. The protection of your personal data is permanent.

Privacy Policy contents
We collect and process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, EC 2019/679. We shall store the collected data in an appropriate manner and secure its confidentiality. We shall not forward the collected data to third parties without your explicit permission.
We collect only voluntarily given personal data. We do not ask you to send us the data in order to access our webpages and we do not ask you to give us more data than is necessary for participating in an activity on our webpages.
Elmas d.o.o. will not spam you. Elmas d.o.o. shall not be liable for any unintentional error or an error caused by force majeure or other objective circumstances that may cause inadvertent infringement of the guaranteed protection of your data, but does guarantee to correct the error as soon as possible, where that is an option.
We shall not sell, transfer or reveal personal data we collect to anyone outside Elmas d.o.o. without your permission.

Data confidentiality
We clearly state that when you visit these webpages, your personal data remains confidential unless you volunteer to reveal it to other parties.

Every data subject has the right to see the personal data we collected about them, to require access to their personal data, to change it, rectify it and limit its processing, the right of erasure, objection and transfer of data, as well as the right to withdraw consent for the use of data, to require data to be changed or deleted from the database at any moment. You can do any of these steps by sending a request to our data protection officer, either in writing or in person.

Data security
For the purpose of data security on our global network servers and in order to ensure service accessibility to all our users, this computer system uses software that tracks network visits and recognizes unauthorized attempts of data dispatch or exchange, as well as those that might cause damage in some other way. Unauthorized attempts of sending or exchanging data on this location are strictly forbidden.

Server statistics
Our global network servers use statistics software. These programmes are a standard feature of all internet servers and are not typical for our webpages only. These statistical programmes enable us to customize our pages for enhanced efficiency and simpler use (by identifying which information is most or least interesting to our users, customizing the pages for specific internet browsers, our location structure efficiency and page visits count).

Use of cookies
In order to simplify the browsing of our webpages, our global network servers may use cookies. These are very small text files placed on the user’s computer by the server for the purpose of tracing language selections on the webpages, as well as selections made when entering sections that require the input of usernames and passwords. Cookies cannot be used for running of programmes or introducing virus software to your computer. The cookies placed by our internet server are automatically deleted from your computer at the end of the session, or when you leave our webpages. Our webpages can be browsed without the use of cookies if your internet browser is set up in that way.

E-mail messages
When you send us an email message with personal data that may be used to identify you, whether in a question or comment included in the email or via an attached form, we will use that data for the purpose of fulfilling your request.

We do everything we can to ensure that the internet pages to which you are redirected from our webpages do not contain illegal and/or harmful content. However, webpages and web addresses change quickly and we cannot always give guarantees for the content of every webpage to which you are redirected.
Please contact us if you have any questions or doubts about our Privacy Policy or about your experience of using this website.

Changes and termination
Elmas d.o.o. retains the right to change or terminate any or all parts of this web location and its Terms of Use at any moment. The changes come into effect by being published on this web address or when users are notified.

Contact us
If you have any questions about privacy protection, please contact the data privacy officer.

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